About us

Hello! I’m Sarah Cahill, director of Sayline Writing Solutions.

​Before my life as a writer I was a New Zealand registered nurse. I worked for many years in the New Zealand public health system and in the NHS in the United Kingdom.

​As a nurse, I spent a lot of time educating patients and families – I loved sitting with patients and talking about their health and wellbeing.

Sometimes patients were dealing with a new diagnosis, other times they were acutely unwell and needed support to regain their health. 

​Whatever their journey, I often struggled to provide patients and families with up-to-date, well written health information. Often it wasn’t available, or when it was it was full of medical terminology.

​I wanted to change that and so began my journey into writing. In 2016, I qualified as a technical writer, focused on plain English writing. Initially I wrote for a range of health related clients, writing across a broad range of topics. But as other writing opportunities presented themselves, I found I had a knack for, and a love of, writing plain English content for other industries.

I also have a Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing) and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing Practice.