My why

Sarah Cahill Auckland medical writerBefore my life as a writer I was a New Zealand registered nurse. I did the hard yards – university, night shifts, weekend shifts, 12 hours shifts. Recording, measuring, treating, caring. I learnt to not sit down for hours. I learnt things that aren’t funny are hilarious at 2 in the morning. And I developed a super strong “nurse’s” bladder.

But the most important thing I learnt was how the right information can empower a person and help them to make positive changes in their life.

When I worked as a nurse in New Zealand the United Kingdom I spent lots of time educating patients and families. Some people were dealing with a new diagnosis, while others were acutely unwell and needed support and knowledge to regain their health.

Whatever their situation, I often struggled to provide people and families with up-to-date, well written health information. Often it wasn’t available, or when it was it was either crammed with medical terminology or only provided a small nugget of over-simplified information. Ugh!

I recognised a need for simple, uncomplicated, friendly and helpful information so I did a few twirls, sang a few songs and began to write. Okay so I did a few more relevant things such as gain a qualification in technical communication and try and master the beast that is English grammar.

I’ve been medical writing since 2016 and it’s something I love to do. I love hearing from people who’ve read what I’ve written and how it’s helped them understand more about their health and wellbeing. Who doesn’t love a bit of positive feedback?

I should also mention I have a Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing) and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing Practice just so you know I’ve got a bit of medical cred.